SEIBA Honor Band

Four MPCSD students were named to the 2022 Southeast Iowa Bandmasters Association (SEIBA) Honor Bands based on auditions conducted at Fairfield High School on January 8. They are: Michael Tansey 7th grader on Tuba, Oliver Rynders 7th grader on Baritone, Jolynn Keomanivong 10th grader on Tenor Sax and Brandon Burtlow 11th grader on Trumpet.


Two eighth grade students were named to the 2021 Honor Band: Elijah Rynders on Tenor Sax and Tarynn Dascher on French Horn. Both also qualified for selection to the Iowa Bandmasters Association All-State 8th Grade Honor Band. You can view the statewide results here.


The following were named to the 2020 SEIBA Honor Bands based on auditions conducted at Fairfield High School.

Middle School: Tarynn Dascher - 7th Grade - French Horn; Madison Helling - 8th Grade - Flute; Elaina Holtkamp - 8th Grade - Clarinet; Gabby Perez - 8th Grade - Clarinet; Jolynn Keomanivong - 8th Grade - Tenor Sax; Nate Stroud - 8th Grade - Percussion.

High School: Anya Clark - 10th Grade - Clarinet; Claire Holtkamp - 12th Grade - Clarinet; Annika Rynders - 12th Grade - Alto Sax; Luke Ryon - 11th Grade - Bari Sax; Brandon Burtlow - 9th Grade - Trumpet; Kionna Parrish - 11th Grade - Trumpet.

At the audition students from all schools are grouped together regardless of school size and are required to perform several scales from memory, as well as two songs and a solo for a judge.