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Past History of the Panther Marching Band

Highlights of the 2023 Marching Season

Linn-Mar: 5th Place 3A; Best Color Guard

Bands Across the Prairie: 4th Place 3A; Best Color Guard

5 Seasons: 3rd Place 3A; Best Color Guard

Kahoka: 1st Place 3A; Best Color Guard, Percussion, Drum Majors

State Contest: 36th consecutive Divistion "1" rating (score 84.9)

      VIDEO        Facebook page with lots of photos here

All Bands Night VIDEO

The Power of ONE

Highlights of the 2022 Marching Season

Linn-Mar: 3rd Place 3A; Best Color Guard

Marion: 1st Place 3A; Best Color Guard, Best Drumline; Best Winds, Best Drum Majors; Best Overall Band in All Classes

​Mark Twain: Grand Champion (won 11 trophies overall)

​State Contest: 35th consecutive "1" rating (score 87.3)  Video

Highlights of the 2021 Marching Season

Linn-Mar:  8th Place 3A   Video

Clark County:  First Place 4A   Video

      Best Color Guard; Best Drumline

State Contest:  34th consecutive "1" rating

Invitational Program here

All Bands Night Video

Highlights of the 2020 Marching Season

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the band faced many challenges. Modified band camp and shorter morning rehearsals coupled with all competitions and other normal appearances being canceled led to an unusual season. A shorter football season gave us 3 halftime performances and we were one of only 47 bands statewide that were able to submit a video for the virtual state contest, earning our 33rd consecutive "1" rating.   Video

Highlights of the 2019 Marching Season
Linn-Mar:  6th Place 3A   Best Color Guard     Scores      Video
Monroe City:  2nd Place 4A  Best Visuals  and Color Guard  Video
     1st Place Indoor Drumline  Video   2nd Place Parade
     2nd Place Indoor Color Guard
Clark County:  First Place 4A   Video
    Best Color Guard, Percussion, Drum Majors  4A
    Best Drum Majors and Color Guard  Overall
State Contest:  32nd consecutive Division 1 rating  Video

Children of Apollo band show

Highlights of the 2018 Marching Season
Linn-Mar:  5th Place 3A
Dunlap: 3rd Place  Video
Clark County:  First Place 4A    Video
         Caption Awards Best Drum Majors & Color Guard 4A
         Best Color Guard Overall for all classes
State Marching Festival: Division 1 Rating

Highlights of the 2017 Marching Season
Cedar Rapids Prairie: 4th place 3A     Scores     Video
Wright City, MO: Grand Champions       Video
     Caption Awards Best Drumline, Color Guard, Music
     Color Guard 1st place Indoor Competition    Video
     Drumline 3rd place Indoor Competition      Video
Clark County: 1st place 4A               Video
     Caption Awards Best Color Guard & Drum Majors

State Marching Band Festival Canceled due to rain

All Bands Night Video

Highlights of the 2016 Marching Season
Division 1 Superior Rating at State Marching Band Festival
Clark County Parade of Champions: Sweepstakes winner for           Best Band Overall; First Place in Class 4A; Caption Awards in 4A   Best Color Guard and Drum Majors. Caption Awards among all   bands to the Color Guard and Drum Majors.

             Scores   Scores   Video
Davis County Festival of Bands: Best Band Overall plus every     caption award in 3A and among all bands in all classes.  Video
Linn-Mar: Sixth Place 3A     Scores
Iowa Wesleyan Homecoming Game Halftime Show
Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce's Rock Around the Block

   Photos on Shutterfly

Mt. Pleasant High School Marching Band at Mapleleaf Athletic Complex
Mt. Pleasant at Davis County Marching Band Invitational

Highlights of the 2015 Marching Season
State Marching Festival - 29th consecutive Division I Rating
Quincy Octoberfest - First Place; Best Band From Iowa;     Caption award for Best Soloist among all bands (Jaylon Cotton, narrator)
Linn-Mar - 2nd place; Best Drum Majors     scores     video
Marion - 2nd place: Best Drum Majors: Best Color Guard       video
Monroe City - 1st place Field Show, Indoor Color Guard and
        Indoor Drumline; 2nd place Parade; Best Drum Majors;
        Best Color Guard; Best Drumline at Parade and Field Show
        Parade video   Color Guard video   Drumline video
        Fan Favorite Award    Field Show video       scores
Band Breakfast videos
All Bands Night video from a different point of view
Homecoming Parade video

September 11 football halftime video

Highlights of the 2014 Marching Season
Linn-Mar Marching Band Festival     Scoring
Little Hawk Invitational   2nd Place 4A  Best Percussion  Best Guard
Clark County Parade of Champions  First Place Class 4A   Video
State Marching Band Festival   Division I Rating   Video
All Bands Night   Video

MPCHS Marching Band Show

Highlights of the 2013 Marching Season
State Marching Band Festival  27th Consecutive Division I Rating     video
Parade of Champions at Kahoka  First Place Class 4A (school enrollment 569 -1174     MP is 620)    Best Winds Overall    recap         video   
Central Methodist University Band Festival
   First Place Class 4A: Drum Line Indoor Competition
   Third Place Class 4A: Color Guard Indoor Competition
   Band received Third Place Class 4A Field Competition
   Best Color Guard 4A Field Competition (high score all classes)
   Best Color Guard 4A Parade Competition        recap       video

Linn-Mar Contest  Third Place Class 3A   recap     Best Color Guard in 3A     video

            195 members...129 horns, 35 percussion, 30 guard, 1 sound tech

Mt. Pleasant Miss Saigon Matching Band Show

Highlights of the 2012 Marching Season
Linn-Mar Invitational        4th Place in 3A   Scores
Blue Springs Invitational        First Place in 3A  Scores
      Caption Awards for Best Music    Best General Effect    Best Color Guard
Muscatine Invitational       First Place in 3A / Grand Champions
        Caption Awards for Best Color Guard     Best Drum Majors
              Best Drumline       Best Hornline    Scores        Video
State Marching Festival   Canceled Due To Rain
Salem Old Settlers Parade       Video

          181 members    109 female  72 male
          53 freshmen  49 sophomores  34 juniors  45 seniors

Mt. Pleasant at Muscatine

Highlights of the 2011 Marching Season

Linn-Mar Marching Band Invitational     5th Place    Scores
Blue Springs Invitational      9 Awards   Recap    
        First Place Class 3A in Field Competition    Video 
        Outstanding Soloist - Luke Brau
        Outstanding Marching/Movement
        Outstanding General Effect
        Outstanding Field Percussion
        Outstanding Color Guard
        Outstanding Drum Majors - Hailie Baccam & Luke Brau
        First Place Drumline and Color Guard Indoor Competition

State Marching Band Festival    Division I Rating     
Quincy Octoberfest Invitational    6 Awards       Scores     Program
         Grand Champions Field Competition (among all school sizes) 
         Outstanding Color Guard               Scores      Video
         Outstanding Drum Majors      
Iowa Wesleyan College Homecoming football game
Drumline at Walmart remodel grand opening
Performed for patients and employees of MHI

The Race Mt. Pleasant Marching Show

Highlights of the 2010 Marching Season
Linn-Mar Marching Band Invitational    5th Place  scores
Blue Springs Invitational    4th Place    scores    video
    1st Place    Indoor Color Guard Competition  
    2nd Place    Indoor Drum Line Competition  
    Best Soloist    Tanner Stutzman (trumpet)
Kahoka Parade Of Champions   1st Place   video
State Marching Band Festival    Division I Rating                       program          video

Mt. Pleasant at Brady Street Stadium

Group Band Photos 1991 - Present

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